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 Show me Indonesiaaaaa

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PostSubject: Show me Indonesiaaaaa    Mon 13 Aug 2012 - 23:55

First topic message reminder :

I got a bit curious, since google search only show that standart pictures that everyone knows I'd like to know more about Indonesia CAUSE I'M ON AN INDONESIA FORUM DUH Sweat

So right now the only things I know is that you have a giant buddah statue, that you speak Indonesian (I found it a very nice language though I cant make sense of a word so far) and you're all in an island..
And everything Wikipedia tells me... Which is basically what you learn in school I think.

So tell me your lifestyle and everything you feel like telling me. I wont bite I swear
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PostSubject: Re: Show me Indonesiaaaaa    Fri 24 Aug 2012 - 9:58

Hi there! Glad that you're interested in our country Very Happy Very Happy
What I'm proud of Indonesia is our language (so poetic IMO xD), food, and traditional clothes... and shadow puppets!

We have tons of variations of traditional clothes here, since our country is so large ._. Try checking out the traditional kain (lit. fabric) with different local names.
Probably, the most popular one is batik from Java, colorful kain made by applying wax patterns before coloring it. When the wax dries, you boil the fabric to wash the wax off, and you'll get beautiful results. Now patented as our traditional heritage, it has lots of patterns according to the place it's made. Nowadays, people even experiment with brighter and more modern patterns and models to make it as a fashion item Very Happy

Some schools even have a "batik day" where students wear batiks to school~

Because I'm too lazy to write more ._. , you might want to search "tenun ikat", "songket", or "ulos". These are beautiful - and it's handmade. Some gets really expensive, depending on the age and pattern - and sometimes, the meaning behind it!
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PostSubject: Re: Show me Indonesiaaaaa    Mon 19 Aug 2013 - 15:56

開発コードmini wrote:
favorite saya saya tidak tahu bagaimana mengatakan favorite wkwkwkkwkwwkwk maaf
hello mini~ nice to know you^^
you're so cuteeee, it's my first time seeing someone from western countries really interested about Indonesia and try to make friends and learning bahasa more in an Indonesian forum
I'll just add some things here~

I think bahasa Indonesia is actually an easy languange (even compared to the local languages..yes it's still much easier. and very interesting, too), since it has no complicated tenses like those tenses in english, has no gender barrier in using the words (only some barrier between formal, informal, and slang language) and it also has so many "kata serapan" <-- it's a word from other language that borrowed directly and adapted to Indonesian way of saying (?) (I hope you understand what I'm trying to say)
that "favorite" can be translated directly to "favorit" in bahasa Indonesia. Usage as a slang = fave
and then "Agar" in bahasa Indonesia is also "Agar" or "Agar-agar" (yes, like in those PCA Agar for cultivating bacteria... or in jelly)
and the reading is stil the same (or not really much different from the original language)... Laughing 

here I will give you some vocab (some are hard and heavy words but I'm sure you'll understand quickly cuz it's mainly from english adaptation)
some "kata serapan" from english words with -tion end is usually replaced with -si in bahasa Indonesia
and -ive replaced with -if in bahasa Indonesia
-ious replaced with -us

(Interesting, isn't it? I myself find this very very interesting Lover High)
From wikipedia:
kata serapan:

開発コードmini wrote:

And the wedding clothes..
THOSE CLOTHES I think I just half died here. It's so fabulous and so pretty and so shiny and so pretty again and jfkfd omg look how happy and pretty djksadlas OMGOGMOGMGOMOGMGO.
I went to google it and saw that today there's a lot of Indonesian brides using western dresses. I got curious to know how are you guys keeping the balance between the "westernalization" of your culture and your origens?
Indonesian is a multicultural country, there are many people of chinese descendant here, too, therefore the influences of korean/japanese/chinese culures here are heavy too. especially the pop cultures.
(I think Chinese New Year is considered a public holiday here... CMIIW guys ^^)
now, this is my 2cents from other POV (I'm not Islam (I'm Catholic) and a Chinese descendant) no intention of flaming anyone ofcourse ^^
just some opinion to give mini a better understanding about living in Indonesia. and yes I'm a proud Indonesian )

I think it's an individual choice to preserve our origin cultures.....
(in my opinion, the youngsters are actually starting to forget our own culture, sadly)
Kpop and k-drama is also popular here. heck, teenagers nowadays try to look as korean as possible (really, especially in the big city. Circle lenses, korean makeups, photoshopping to make your chin looks smaller and eyes bigger.. etc,etc... my younger sis is a living example of that. I wonder if it's the same in your country?)
And look at these japanese craze here! vocaloid, bunkasai, dorama, anime and mangas, nail arts.. etc etc... (FYI, Harajuku style was once popular in early 2000 (about 2003-2005? I forgot. but of course not as crazy as the real deal.. hahaha)
and those taiwanese drama craze back in 2004. OMG lol
It wouldn't be surprising if some people also celebrate their wedding in hanbok/kimonos Drink 

but we still love our culture very much of course Happy Blush personally, what I love the most is batik Nice Job ~ the process of making the batik itself is a very fine art. I haven't had a chance to do it, but I may try soon. If you ever come to Indonesia, don't forget to learn making them okay Ohoho 
making of batik:
Sorry for the very loooooooooooong post, I hope it'll be very useful for you Arigatou
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PostSubject: Re: Show me Indonesiaaaaa    

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Show me Indonesiaaaaa
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